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EMC EMI Product Finder


Welcome to EMC Solutions

EMC Solutions is a privately owned company situated in Ireland.
The company has a number of exclusive dealerships dealing in EMI
Components / Acoustic Control Materials / Heat Transfer Materials and 3D

EMI / RFI Components.

We assist our customers with RFI design and specification.
By assisting our customers to meet RFI compliance regulations with their new
products and innovations, this in turn allows us to specify our world leading EMI
components into our customers applications. Bespoke and off the shelf.
We also assist our customers seeking EMI component re-design work on existing
products to possibly reduce cost or increase performance.
In a rapidly changing environment we are up to date with the very latest RFI / Radar
Interference / RFID solutions / Acoustic Control Materials.

Acoustic Control Materials.

We design specify and supply acoustic control materials for Industrial / Automotive /
Aerospace / Electronics and Engineering applications. These components can be
bespoke solutions and tailored to individual customer requirements. We offer free
design support to our Acoustic Control customers.

Medical Device Industry.

We support our many customers in the Medical Devices industry by offering free
specification and design support and by manufacturing a range of EMI products
particularly suited to the medical device industry. Both bespoke and off the shelf.
Contact us to talk about your individual requirements.

3D Printers.

EMC Solutions have the exclusive dealership for the entire range of Schlegel 3D
Printers. Currently the Octave Light R1 3D printer is a world class leader in
specification and price. View the Octave Light R1 3D printer on our dropdown menu
on this homepage.

Design and Manufacturing.

Through our many years of experience and our exclusive partnership arrangements
we have unique access to world leading design and test processes and facilities
together with manufacturing centers situated in EUROPE / ASIA / USA.
We offer production and streamlined bespoke and off the shelf product delivery

EMC Solutions working with the environment

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