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Customer Consultation

Assisting our customers with design on both existing and new products/prototypes.

EMC Solutions can provide EMC / RFI / Acoustic Control / Thermal Management / uses of seals and shielding consultation at your premises for new product design and improvement on existing design.

We also offer introductory sample materials from our innovative range of products, to help assist with your prototyping.

We facilitate and assist with improvements to any existing customer applications.
Our experts are employed to solve customer problems.

This service is offered free to our existing customers and partners.

Technical Support

We appreciate sharing ideas on performance/improvement that may be beneficial
to both our customers and ourselves. EMC Solutions would like to hear about and discuss any design problems that you may have.
We offer design support to our customers with specification and implementation of our off the shelf solutions and bespoke customer designs.

Acoustic Control Management Design and Support

Computers / Telecommunications / Industrial / Automotive / Aerospace / Engineering /Electronics Applications

EMC Solutions offers component design / competitive pricing / quality / large and small volume manufacturing
to our customers.

Specialising in companies associated with the Computer / Data Storage / Engineering / Industrial / Heavy Machinery / Truck Mounted Engines, Automotive / Aerospace / Heavy Transport .

If you are seeking to find the best ways to reduce operating noise. Talk to us.

We offer consultation, design support, bespoke and high volume manufacturing of highest quality
competitively priced Acoustic Control Components manufactured by our partners based in the UK

Acoustic Control for Industrial / Automotive / Aerospace / Electronics applications

Constantly Supporting Our Customer Needs

Specifies / Manufactures / Supplies Components to these Sectors

Aerospace / Automotive / Antenna / Building / Computer / Data Storage / Engineering Telecommunications / Instrumentation / Machinery / Medical Device / Microwave Photocopier / Road Transport / EMI RFI Applications / Radar / RFID / X Ray Rooms
Heat Transfer Management / EMI Test Chambers / Airport Security.
Acoustic Control and Management.

View components supplied to these sectors in more detail on our ( Sectors Served ) section above.
Preferred method for initial contact is by email.

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