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EMC Solutions Ireland / UK company announcement.

EMC Solutions based at Spiddal Co Galway Ireland are recognised as Ireland’s premier RFI Materials and High Frequency Absorber solutions provider. Through our R/D work with our many customers our products are at the forefront of technology. Through our association with our partner companies we also supply products and components to our customers in the UK / Europe / Eastern Europe / Scandinavia / USA / China.

We are taking this opportunity to announce our new partnership agreement with Pritex Limited.

At EMC Solutions, we have been increasingly asked by some of our customers for Acoustic Products, particularly now as new guidelines governing the levels of noise with regard to industrial machinery have been introduced.

To date EMC Solutions have concentrated solely on providing specified customer RFI and High Frequency absorber products and solutions to our customers through our exclusive arrangements with Schlegel Electronic Materials and Arc Technologies. We continue to work as usual with both of these companies on sales development / new product specification / manufacturing / supply.

Our new partner Pritex Limited manufactures a range of innovative acoustic solutions for their many customers mainly in the Industrial / Automotive and Aerospace sectors.

Through their modern Manufacturing Process / R/D Departments / Test Laboratories Pritex Limited are the recognised industry leaders in the field of Acoustic Control. Providing tailor made solutions to their many customers in the industrial / automotive / aerospace industries in particular.

EMC Solutions will be working closely with Pritex Limited to develop new sales opportunities, particularly in the Industrial Machinery / Aerospace / Renewable Energy areas of Wind Power / Industrial Air Conditioning Systems / Electronics and several other growth sectors where through new compliance issues the inclusion of noise control has now become necessary.

The Pritex/EMC Solutions product range includes acoustic insulation components and materials manufactured from polyurethane foam and polyester fibre and polypropylene fibre. The foam range includes Pritex Limited specialist grades (HFM42 and PS23) and our fibre range is headed by the new AcuLite® (E30F and E45F) material. These materials are complimented with other noise absorbing layers including polyurethane and polyester films, heavy layers and non-woven facings. We offer a wide range of fixing methods including self-adhesives and clip locator holes. The product range also includes our own in-house developed material: AcuLite® – the most advanced lightweight acoustic solution on the market. Products include Automotive Acoustic Insulation, Industrial Acoustic Absorbers (Acoustic Canopy Sets), Acoustic Materials, Noise and Vibration Reduction (NVH) Materials.

Acoustic insulation products include: – Engine cover acoustic liners – Wheel arch acoustic liners – Undertray acoustic liners – Interior bulkhead noise insulation – Engine bulkhead noise absorbers – Leaf screen sound absorbers – Fender insulators – Tunnel acoustic absorbers – Parcel shelf sound absorbers – Under seat noise absorbers – Headliners – Acoustic canopy sets for compressors and generators (e.g. electrical) (Gensets) Plus a range of other NVH products.

View the modern Pritex Test Facilities and also their many Industrial Quality Certifications on our products page:

Click on any of our partner companies to view their full range of products (see logos at foot of page).

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your inquiries.

Michael Moore
EMC company announcement September 2010

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EMC Solutions Ireland / UK company announcement.

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